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How blogging is becoming the new online magazine

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Hello lazy, welcome to lazy chick blog. Blogging is becoming the new magazine, it's the new way to reading books right now. The most popular reading is e-books instead of books. E-books is the new convenient way to read instead of carrying books, Blogging has become the new magazine for so many reasons. Don't get me wrong, magazines are great too but some teens and adults prefer reading on electronic devices because it’s convenient. You could take your phone or any electronic device anywhere you go, for an example the bus, on a break, to school, even to work! By now you get what I'm saying it’s more convenient to read on a electronic device than to pick up a book. I know magazines are cool & all that, its the wait for me! Blogging is just way better, you can do it daily or weekly just like webtoons. You can read webtoons on any device, I’m a big fan of Webtoon and it’s convenient for me!! OK that’s it for now, check out part two of this article in two weeks. Bye for now my lazies :)

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